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Minitag Rugby

What is Mini Tag :
Tag rugby is a fun and vibrant form of rugby that is suitable for boys and girls to play together.The interchangeable nature of ball possession, leading to rapid switching from attack to defense enables the players to learn a range of skills including co-operation, integration and determination, along with individual and collective responsibility, are all key elements in minitag rugby.A tag belt is a belt worn around the waist to which two ‘ribbons’ (tags) are attached by Velcro. One tag hangs down each side. Tags are positioned one on each hip and teams are distinguished by the color of tags they wear.

How to play MiniTag :
A tag (a signal for the attacker to stop advancing, an equivalent of a tackle) is the removal of one of the two tags from the ball carrier’s belt. Only the ball carrier can be tagged. The ball carrier can run and dodge potential taggers.Players must always have two tags affixed to their belt whilst taking part in the game. The object of the game is to score a try by placing the ball with downward pressure behind the opponents’ goal line.A try is worth five points. Once tagged the attacker has to stop and make a pass, or can put the ball down for a fellow player to come and pass. Continued running after a tag results to a turnover.

Benefits of Minitag Rugby:

  1. Easier convenient way of introducing rugby to children
  2. Safe form of rugby because its non-constant and non-invasive
  3. Fit for all ages and gender
  4. Good for physical fitness
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